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MU's Exhibition wins award at Thailand Research Expo


The exhibition under the theme of "Aging Society, Happy Thais" by Mahidol University received a Silver Award from National Research Council at Thailand Research Expo on August 27, 2013.

The winning presentation was put together by researchers from five faculties and institutes under the university including Huahin Hospice Group, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Faculty of Engineering, Institute for Population and Social Research, and Institute of Nutrition.

The exhibition featured the following projects:

1. Project to establish Center for Integrated Elderly Health and Hospice Care, Mahidol University >
2. Transportation for Thai elderly people>
3. Walk Well – An Electrical Stimulation Device for Drop-foot Patients>
4. Marginal People and Social Justice >
5. Elderly People: A Mid-range Population That Has Been Marginalized >
6. Development of Local Recipes for the Elderly>
7. Nutritious Jelly Product and Artificial Saliva >
8. Elderly Diseases>
9. Elderly People and Dementia>
10. Elderly Diet

Thailand Research Expo, hosted by NRC and other government research agencies took place at Bangkok Convention Center, Centara Grand Hotel at Central World on August 23-27, 2013.


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