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Cyber forensic center opens


Mahidol University President Prof. Rajata Rajatanavin presided over the opening ceremony of Digital Forensic Innovation and Training Center at Building 2, Faculty of Engineering at Salaya on July 11, 2013.

Established in collaboration with the courts, Department of Special Investigation and Crime Suppression Division under National Police Agency, and Central Institute of Forensic Science under Ministry of Justice, the center offers forensic services to assist law enforcement agencies by providing digital evidence of computer crimes for judicial proceedings and to support legal cases.

The center also serves as a training facility for students in a graduate program in digital forensics now offered by Computer Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering. It has a forensic laboratory well-equipped with electronic data analysis tools.

Given a rise of cyber and computer crimes, the program would fill the need for professionals with expertise and skills in investigation internet crimes of all types, Prof. Rajata said.



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