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KU Leuven Visit


On Thursday 2nd November 2017 at Office of the President, Dr. Chanin Lamsam,Dean of College of Sport Sciences and Technology, along with the representatives from the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Physical Therapy, and Ms. Wanpimon Senapadpakorn, Director of International Relations Division, welcomed Prof. Dr. Christophe Delecluse, Dean of the Faculty of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences from KU Leuven, Belgium.

The purpose of the visit was to seek possible collaboration with the related parties: 1.) College of Sport Science and Technology 2.) Department of Physiology, Faculty of Science and 3.)Faculty of Physical Therapy, in terms of research collaboration, and staff and student exchange.

After the discussion, Prof. Dr. Delecluse also visited the College of Sport Sciences and Technology and the Faculty of Physical Therapy.


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