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One hundred years later (i.e. in B.E. 100) there occurred an untoward incident. There was in the city of Vesa.gif (845 bytes)li.gif (57 bytes) a number of Bhikkhus called Vajji.gif (57 bytes)putta misinterpreting the Buddha's Words and thus distorting the truth thereof, to the detriment of the Buddha's Dispensation as a whole. To counteract their misdeeds Venerable Yasa Ka.gif (845 bytes)kandakaputta, chief of the then Order of Bhikkhus, called a meeting of 700 Arahants and once again managed to standardize the Buddha's Techings and rid the Order of San.gif (66 bytes)gha of its harmful elements. The locality where the meeting was held was the Monastery of Valika.gif (845 bytes)ra.gif (845 bytes)ma, in the city of Vesa.gif (845 bytes)li.gif (57 bytes).

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